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About Us

Affordable Housing Partners Group (AHPG) is dedicated to providing education and information so that our Money Partners as well as others can make secure, consistent and predictable profits.

Affordable Housing Partners Group is the capital funding and financial education division of USA Housing Solutions, Inc.

Affordable Housing Partners Group is comprised of everyday people who provide the acquisition capital for the majority of real estate the corporation purchases.

USA Housing Solutions, Inc., a Community Affordable Housing Providerheadquartered in Atlanta, GA, is a professional private real estate investment and management company specializing in all phases of single-family residential real estate investment projects. Our expertise spans from the marketing for acquisition, the initial purchase through the phases of renovation, management and the final sale. Our conservative approach has lead to many successful projects for owners and investors alike over the past decade.

In a nutshell, USA Housing Solutions, Inc. helps home sellers sell their property by buying from them and helps home buyers buy homes by selling to them.

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