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Build Wealth Through Real Estate Investments


Did you know you could build wealth through real estate investments and pay little to no taxes on your profits?

We educate our Partners how…by using a simple strategy that only 2% of Americans are currently using – the self-directed IRA – they potentially pay less in taxes. We show them the types of real estate transactions that falls under this strategy.

To help jump-start our Partner candidates we have a FREE Partner Education Kit. Request yours today!

Get in-the-know with our FREE Education Kit which will initiate your knowledge of how to:

  1. Generate tax-free or tax-deferred real estate profits
  2. Qualify for potentially large tax deductions
  3. See through common myths associated with passive real estate investing
  4. Pay healthcare expenses or your child’s education using profits from your real estate investments

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To help you better plan for your future, Affordable Housing Partners Group, a Division of USA Housing Solutions, Inc., publishes this blog of valuable alternative real estate investment education.


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