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No Investment Is Risk Free (Part 1)


No investment Is “Risk Free”, if that’s what you’re looking for, you can’t even find it in a U.S. government investment! Why? Because often those investments provide a rate of return that doesn’t even keep up with inflation. Though treasury bonds and other government investments are the safest around, you’re still taking a purchasing-power risk with them.

Certainly there are no guarantees when investing in real estate. What you should be after is a solid return for a given amount of risk.

“What if the investor (AHPG) doesn’t stay current with the interest payments?”

That’s a good question, and it’s the same one the banks deal with. If an investor (AHPG) cannot keep up with the interest payments, then you as a mortgage note holder (Partner) are able to foreclose on the property. Because we only deal in situations where the property is worth substantially more than any loans, there typically is way more equity in the property to cover the loans, once the property is sold.

No investment is Risk Free!

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