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Our Partners Receive Private Lending Education


We give extensive private lending education to our Money Partners because simply put, they become the bank for us. Once our real estate business began to grow, we realized two things.

1) The traditional bank process takes too long and too much of our time and
2) The banks and mortgage brokers were making a lot of money from us!

We discovered that there are many people that are potential Money Partners who are frustrated with the ups and downs of the stock market, CDs, etc. and just simply tired of earning pathetic returns on their hard earned money!

So we provide education on a win-win solution we created.

Simply put, we teach them how professional house buyers like USA Housing Solutions, Inc. can use their funds  for real estate acquisition instead of having to deal with the hassles and delays of a bank.

We show our Money Partners how this helps them because by lending their funds to us, they receive higher returns than they were getting…and since the investment is secured against the house we are purchasing and the return is fixed, they have piece of mind…and we win because we don’t have to deal with the banks!

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