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Private Lending Partnership is Mutually Beneficial


Our private lender partners are interviewed then educated on our real estate investing business model and the pros and cons of private lending.

Our partners are  individuals who will loan money on a one-to-one basis, often from their retirement accounts, savings accounts, pensions, IRAs, and brokerage accounts to fund our real estate purchases and renovations and receive better than current rates of return.

Instead of going to a bank or lending institution, we raise the capital we need to purchase and renovate properties from individual partners.

Why do we use private lender partners instead of a bank or mortgage company? The answer is simple: BANKS DON’T LEND TO REAL ESTATE INVESTORS. PERIOD! And if they do, they require 25-30% down, a 740 credit score, two years’ cash in reserves, a steady job, and will only allow you to have four properties on your credit. These requirements are extremely restrictive, so bank loans won’t work.

Managing Partner