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Resurgence of Stock Market Volatility

We are in April 2018 now…but back in February it was a stressful month for traditional Wall Street stock investors. Can you say volatility is back with a vengeance: The Dow Jones Industrial Average components – what we used to call “blue-chip stocks” for their safety and security, took some big stumbles.

It seems like this time the decreases triggered some program trading, possibly computers were programmed to get rid of stocks as soon as the Dow, S&P 500 or some other signal dropped below a given level. The selling forced stocks lower, triggering even more program trade selling, and so an uncontrollable vicious cycle took over.

Despite A Prospering Economy..

On February 8th the Dow recorded a record 1,175 point loss. Hopefully the recent volatility has revived a healthy appreciation for risk.

It is pretty scary to see 5 to 10 percent of your retirement nest egg disappear in a couple of days. The volatility roller-coaster can hurt.

Fortunately, 100% of my Private Money Partners did not need to bat an eyelash. Indeed, I always benefit from the volatility, because my phone starts ringing off the hook from investors looking for safer and more secure assets.

Besides providing Affordable Housing for families and individuals my secondary mission is educating others that Self-Directed IRA Investing means you do not have to worry about what the stock market does every day.

Because I am an expert in buying and selling residential real estate, my Private Money Partners have much of their long-term money invested in far more sound assets than stocks such as:

  • Commercial real estate
  • Residential real estate
  • Vacant land


Of course the value of each of these assets fluctuate, none of them are tied to the day-to-day fickleness of the stock market. The noise and distraction on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money and Squawk Box is something that doesn’t even phase my Private Money Partners.

********************************* If you are reading my blog for the first time, let me inform you that… My company buys single-family houses and I write this blog bi-weekly which is primarily directed to educate 1 group of individuals:

Individuals who are losing their shirt as a result of the “roller coaster” volatility of the stock market and low paying rate of other traditional investments, i.e. people that are looking for an opportunity that’ll provide a secured place to put their money to get it working for them to earn better than average returns.

However, often times, homeowners that need to sell their house, stop by to take a peek because they are curious and wondering how and/or where we get the funding to purchase houses. And if they stick around long enough, they begin to understand why individuals partner with us to provide the funding which empowers us to be able to purchase real estate on a continual basis. Simple, it’s because we teach them a secured way to earn better rates of return than they are currently earning.

Request your FREE Education Kit if you are interested in learning how passively investing in real estate may help place you in a better financial position.

DisclaimerThis site is intended for educational purposes only. I am not an accountant, attorney or licensed financial planner. While the information I’m writing here is based on many years of experience buying houses that doesn’t really constitute professional advice (since everyone’s experiences and situations are different).


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