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Why I Am A Believer In The Self-Directed IRA

Why I Am A Believer In The Self-Directed IRA

Below are a few facts that highlight why I am a believer in the Self-Directed IRA: It allows individuals to diversify beyond conventional assets like stocks, bonds, CDs and money markets, and allows for access to potentially more lucrative asset classes. For example, leveraged real estate, precious metals, farming, mineral rights, oil and gas investments, limited partnerships, joint ventures – the sky’s the limit.

Things are different now: AAA bonds are paying dividends in the upper 4 percent range – and you can’t even count on the U.S. Treasury to be AAA rated anymore. Money market and CD rates are barely a blip. Going forward, conventional financial assets have a very strong headwind ahead of them.

When most people think of retirement they think of long walks on the beach, golf, sitting around the house enjoying their grandchildren, and other happy thoughts. If you look at how most investment and annuity companies advertise, that’s exactly the dream they’re pushing. That advertising and marketing strategy has worked very well at getting Americans to fork over their hard-earned money to money managers, brokers and other financial professionals for them to underperform the Index on their behalf.

Yes, there are always risks associated with investing, and if you want to minimize inflation risk you must take on some uncertainty somewhere in the portfolio. But think of it: Any stock can go to zero. But energy won’t be going to zero. Land won’t be going to zero. A house’s value will never be zero as long as there is someone who is able to live in it.

As you know, my Money Partners provide the capital for the acquisition of real estate. In fact, when I buy single family houses and lease them out, my Money Partners see a rate of return significantly higher than 4.4%. And the availability of leverage not normally available in most IRA accounts funded with conventional stocks and bonds has the effect of potentially significantly improving their cash on cash return within their retirement savings.

I’m here to spread the good news – you no longer have to feel bound to Wall Street. You can declare independence from the big investment banks and take control of your assets yourself.

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Don’t let Wall Street get away with the same old same old. Seize the reins yourself.

*************************  If you are reading my blog for the first time, let me inform you that: I am a guy that buys single-family houses and I write this blog weekly which is primarily directed to educate 1 group of individuals:

Individuals who are losing their shirt as a result of the “roller coaster” volatility of the stock market and low paying rate of other traditional investments…People that are looking for an opportunity that’ll provide a secured place to put their money to get it working for them to earn better than average returns.

However, often times, homeowners that need to sell their house, stop by to take a peek because they are curious and wondering how and/or where I get the funding to purchase houses. And if they stick around long enough, they begin to understand why individuals partner with me to provide the funding which empowers me to be able to purchase real estate on a continual basis. Simple, it’s because I teach them a secured way to earn better rates of return than they are currently earning using a Self-Directed IRA.

Request your FREE Education Kit if you are interested in learning how passively investing in real estate may help place you in a better financial position.[spacer height=”20px”]

DisclaimerThis site is intended for educational purposes only. I am not an accountant, attorney or licensed financial planner. While the information I’m writing here is based on many years of experience buying houses that doesn’t really constitute professional advice (since everyone’s experiences and situations are different).


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